A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Unibox is a basic sandbox created in Unity!


  • Scroll Wheel: Cycle through tools
  • Left Mouse: Use tool
  • Right Mouse: Spawn frozen object (Spawner only)
  • Hold Q: Spawn Menu, select what the Spawner will create
  • WASD: Move
  • Space: Jump
  • V: Toggle Noclip
  • P: Toggle Post Processing, off by default

Physgun Controls:

  • Hold Left Mouse: Move object you are pointing at around
  • Right Mouse: Freeze object that is being dragged around
  • R: Unfreeze All
  • E: Start rotating current object
  • Mouse Wheel: Move object closer or further away

Remember to toggle Post Processing using P if your computer can handle it

    Updated 23 days ago
    PlatformsWindows, Linux
    Made withUnity
    TagsPhysics, Sandbox, Unity

    Install instructions

      1. Use 7zip or WinRAR to extract the 7z file
      2. Run Unibox.exe


      alpha4_linux.7z 65 MB
      alpha4_win.7z 59 MB

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